Terms and Conditions


Quality Service Guaranteed

ProTherapist Academy  guarantees top quality products and services that will meet, if not exceed, the expectation, requirements and needs of our accreditation boards and trainees respectively. All the information about the courses are easily accessible on the school’s website and communication materials.

The Syllabus, Course Handout and Training Facilities are available for viewing when required to assist in making an informed decision to study and learn in Protherapist Academy Pte Ltd.

The school exerts all its efforts to make sure that the potential trainees are aware of policies in Protherapist Academy Pte Ltd.

Number of Classroom: 3 classrooms

Sizes of Training Rooms 1 37.54m, Room 2 – 33.75m and Room 3 – 28.8m

Student-Teacher ratio: 10:1 

No of Instructors: 5

Total Learning Capacity: 60

Equipment includes Beds, towels, trolleys, Oils, bottles, products, galvanic, high frequency, vacuum suction, aircon


Course Pre-Requisites and Requirements

The entry requirement(s) for the Course(s) is/are as set in Schedule 1 as stated in the Standard Student Contract between ProTherapist Academy Pte Ltd and the Student. Protherapist Academy Pte Ltd must also confirm that it has verified that the Student has met such entry requirements. High standards are set for our Students as to ensure that they are well qualified with a level of professionalism upon graduation.


Payment Method and Channels

ProTherapist Academy Pte Ltd accepts all payment by cash, cheques in Singapore Dollars only. All cheques have to be made payable to “ProTherapist Academy Pte Ltd”. A receipt will be issued for the amount paid. There is no GST charge.s all payment by cash, cheques in Singapore Dollars only. All cheques have to be made payable to “ProTherapist Academy Pte Ltd”.  A receipt will be issued for the amount paid. There is no GST charge.


Privacy and Confidentiality 

ProTherapist Academy Pte Ltd is committed to protecting the Student’s privacy and to maintain confidence that any information provided to the Academy is managed professionally and with the utmost respect and care.

The privacy policy in Protherapist Academy Pte Ltd ensures that whatever information collected from the Student such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of students are solely used for the purpose, which varies or based upon student’s enquiry and include:

  • Processing of application, registration and enquiry;
  • Updating of records on Protherapist Academy databases;
  • Planning educational courses;
  • Monitoring and improving the provision of educational courses;
  • Keeping the student posted of new courses and latest events;
  • Helping Protherapist Academy to serve you better;
  • Purposes incidental to each or all of the above

Protherapist Academy Pte Ltd will not sell for profit or gain or furnish under any type of reciprocal information sharing arrangement, through electronic means or otherwise, student’s information to others.

Protherapist Academy Pte Ltd will not reveal student’s information to any external organisation unless required by law.


Standard Student Contract

ProTherapist Academy Pte Ltd clearly states that the prospective student will enter into the Standard Student Contract.

This information is advised to the student upon confirmation of enrolment. Further to that, it will form part of the Enrolment Form and highlighted to student during their registration.


Consultation and Orientation Programme 

ProTherapist Academy Pte Ltd ensures that students are provided with all the necessary information prior to the beginning of the course. In the event where the information are changed, PTA ensures that the students are promptly notified and sufficient time is given to students to prepare for these changes.


PTA Course Consultation Services includes but not limited to:
  • Review of course fees, schedules, pre-requisites (if any), duration of course, payment methods, application process
  • Introduction of various courses and training facilities to students
  • Grievance procedures and actions
  • Advice on procedures and implications of student’s withdrawal from course, non-attendance, termination of course by Protherapist Academy Pte Ltd and refund policies.
  • Immediate notification for any changes and revisions
  • Students who change their particulars must inform school in writing