Feedback, Complaint & Appeal Policy

  • Provide a means for Learners to obtain a prompt and fair response to a complaint.
  • We value comments and seek to continue refining our services and procedures in order to build a culture of trust among students and educators.
  • PTA does not engage in age, gender, race, religion, or special needs-based discrimination.
  • All Learners must be treated with respect in PTA. Learners should not be physically or verbally abused.
  • All PTA employees must be handled with respect. There should be no physical or verbal abuse of employees.
  • Learners must complete and submit an official complaint form to the academy consultant.
  • Determine the nature of the Learner’s complaint by the academy consultant.
  • MR will conduct an investigation and give Learner with a written response within fourteen working days (discuss with all parties concerned and decide the course of action, if necessary)
  • The PTA’s reply is FINAL.



  • An appeal must be filed within five days from the date of the examination.
  • When an appeal is submitted, the MR and a subgroup of the Academic and Examination Board will evaluate it.
  • The decision from PTA is final.