Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

We love flowers not only because of their natural beauty but also for its great fragrance. We love incandescent sticks to worship Lord because it also calms down our senses. We are attracted towards small kid’s stationary erasers because of their lovely smell.

So, do we love Aromatherapy. The nice aroma it spreads and the great energy it produces within us is all together a different feeling. Aromatherapy uses different types of oils, each having a unique fragrance. This smell when it touches our brain, it gives a great effect to our minds. Beautiful fragrances are known t trigger our senses and evoke powerful reactions within us. They have the tendency to heal many things with their smell.

For instance, if a person is feeling dull and boredom due to his regular and hectic office schedule, going to a spa for Aromatherapy will calm down him from inside, his mood will set in and he can focus well on many things the other day.

Your emotions are directly proportional to fragrance. If one person is made to smell uncooked eggs, it will give him a rotten feeling as the smell is so strong that it doesn’t easily goes off his mind. If another person is made to smell a single red rose, he will feel being in heaven.

There are receptors in our mind that are associated with the limbic system that controls our emotions. A good scent will have a great impact.

Aromatherapy also does the same thing. When a person (male or female) goes Aromatherapy, certain oils and combination of essential oils in some specific ratios are applied on his head and body. When massaged with it, the blood circulation becomes active, and more importantly, his senses are controlled. It will soothe his occupied mind because there are lots of things going on there that unnecessarily creates chaos in the mind.

When we teach our students Aromatherapy, we tell them the pros and cons of every oil, the right quantity to mix, how to apply, what hand circular and other movements to use and what special areas are to be focused. The students undergo practical training and hands on exposure to every aspect covered in our academy.

Aromatherapy essential oils are prepared by distilling specific herbs, plants and their root.

If there are any dermatology disorders or skin problems, they too can be cured with Aromatherapy. Essential Oils such as tea tree oil acts as a natural disinfectant also present in some soap due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Eucalyptus oil relieves from muscle aches and sprains in the body. Lavender rejuvenates your mind and gives a fresh feeling for longer hours.

At our academy, we make sure you have a good understanding how to blend and use the commonly used relaxing, muscle release and  slimming oils.