What is Spa Therapy

Spa is a large area to encompass holistic therapies, fitness, nutrition and beauty therapies. This is not new to the world as humans have used water since pre-historic times due to its healing purpose. Humanity utilises water in spa therapy as a corner stone. It sometimes focus on specific areas like; aromatherapy.

Types of Treatment a Spa Therapist Perform

A spa therapist can perform a variety of treatments. Here is the list:

  • Hydrotherapy treatments which involve sauna treatment, steam treatment, Vichy shower, scotch hose, Swiss shower and hydrotherapy bath.
  • Spa aromatherapy
  • Fitness and wellness exercises
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Auricle Heat Therapy
  • Massage treatments
  • Indian head massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage.
  • On-site massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Traditional Maori massage
  • Thai massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Spa foot reflexology massage

How Do You Become a Spa Therapist?

You become a spa therapist by having recognised Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Diploma in Body Massage Therapy. After this you can be able to apply for Spa therapy trainings in the best spas.

A candidate must have a background in performing a variety of spa services to become a spa therapist. Such training centers offer courses in traditional Swedish massage technique, anatomy, physiology etc. A spa therapist can learn more specialised techniques such as shiatsu, acupressure or deep tissue massage, aromatherapy or hot stone therapy.

Reflexology massage aims to remove these blocks and allows energy to flow freely. Reflexology courses are very important for a massage therapist as it is related to hands and feet. It yields best results when experts work with dedication. It helps to reduce stress and tension due to which blood circulation improves. It is popular for revitalisation of energy and promotion of good health. Reflexology course provides the student with detailed information and knowledge to begin his/her work as a Reflexologist. Some training centers offers advanced reflexology courses in order to expand the knowledge in specialised areas.

Prenatal or Postnatal massage course focus on how to support mother in postnatal period from birth. It aims to look at supporting bonding with the baby and breastfeeding. These courses also focus on mother’s long-term health.

Acupressure courses include: anatomy and physiology, first aid, meridians, body system, zone therapy, mapping the feet, cranial nerves, active life, energy channels, digestive systems, terminal illness, skin diseases and disorders, meridian lines theory, clients after care etc.

Beauty courses are also very important and popular for a Spa Therapist. It used to be women going for their once a fortnight treatment, now the trend is men spa and more men paying attention to their looks and their complexion which is boom for Spa all over again! On top of that, younger girls like teenage are also pampered by their affluent parents to care for their skin and starting young to visit spas. Thus, there is a huge and still growing number of facial or beauty massage in Singapore. Beauty Facial Accredited Diploma course is of much importance for facial massage therapist, CIBTAC Beauty Treatment Diploma being the most comprehensive and popular and recognised by Spas worldwide.

In Singapore, the spa industry is due to expand again, become more sophisticated with government licensing requirements and more people are understanding various modalities of healing therapies to complement with their massage.

Many families tend to lack activities that they can do together to spice up their lives as a family. Most people find themselves engaging in the same old activities that they are used to such as board games, drinking, movies etc. The core purpose of a family engaging in all these activities is to bond and have fun collectively as a lovely family. This activities are fun but they are not all-round engaging for a family and most of the times only seem to be effective when we are carrying them out with a bunch of friends. Most people anyway tend to forget about the most important activity that can bring them together as a family and is more engaging for the whole family, that is  –  BODY MASSAGE.

Body massage is a very important activity to engage as a family and the best thing about this practice is that apart from being a fun activity, it helps in many other areas of life to the family members. Body massage has the following pros.

Relieving Stress

Massage helps in relieving stress. Massage lowers the levels of body cortisol, a stress hormone, and increases the production of serotonin and dopamine, feel-good hormones. If any of your family members is undergoing hard times, massage, is therefore, a useful tool in helping them relieve their stress and clear their head. The soft touches of massage are very relaxing and will make you feel good mentally and treat all kinds of stress caused by either anxiety or depression.


Treating Back Pains, Shoulder Aches & Tired Legs

Massage is a very effective treatment for relieving back pains and research has pointed out that it even works better than other therapies such as spinal modification or acupuncture. Next time you have back pains or any other body aches try out body massage and you are rest assured of pain relieve in a short course. A research in the Annals of Internal Medicine proved that massage reduces the use of painkillers by 37%. So next time  you think of visiting a chemist to buy those painkillers think of a better option, body massage.


Increases Flexibility

Massage also increases flexibility by working out your body muscles, tendons, connective tissues and also trigger the production of natural lubricants between the connective tissue fibre. Staying flexible is a key factor to any person at any given age and therefore massage is the best way to bring your family together in an activity that will help all of you in keeping fit.


Lower Blood Pressure

People with prehypertension will also find body massage very helpful to them. Body massage lowers blood pressure according to several studies carried out across patients. IT is therefore important for your family to learn this important skill of muscle therapy. Apart from lowering the blood pressure, therapeutic massage also helps in improving stability.


Boosts Immunity

Massage gives body immune system a boost by aiding in increasing the level of activity of natural killer T cells, which fights tumors and viruses. Full body massage enhances immune function of women fighting breast cancer and also improves the immune system of unborn infants.

It is therefore very important that your family learns the skills of body massage. This way you will have something that will bring and bond you together for a good course.

Imagine each and every member of your family possessing this powerful and important skill. It’s like having doctors living together under the same roof taking care of each other.
Make it a duty to introduce all your family members and friends to the life spicing up activity that will bond you together as a family and you will not have to constant worry about all the problems listed above as you will have the solutions in your family’s magical hands. The best thing about this activity is that you can perform it either indoors or outdoors and you only need to be two to carry out this activity.

Getting massage can do you all those goods mentioned above, but getting it from a person who really care and love is a very sensational moment that everyone deserves to experience on a regular basis.

Acquiring this bodywork skill and massage will be your favourite activity to do any day, anytime. Good luck.