Top 7 Qualities of a Good Massage Therapist

When we talk about a good massage therapist, ever realised what actually makes them good? Were they really born as good therapists or did they learned everything from themselves and became good overnight? Certainly NOT!   It takes weeks to a couple of month’s hard work, dedication and practice to become a ‘GOOD’ massage therapist. Nobody is born perfect and different people have different talent in them.
To develop further and to hone yourself in any field, you need training.   Our ProTherapist Academy, we impart special skills to a student so that he should be able to carve a niche for himself/herself as a professional therapist wherever he/she goes. Whether a student joins as a therapist in some reputed salon or sets up its own spa, he should be able to satisfy its clients.

There are few qualities that should be looked for in our students who come out to be a ‘good massage therapist’.

  1. Self-driven: A good massage therapist should be self-driven, motivated, and be optimistic so that they can themselves discover newer ideas to attract clients towards their spa. This may be in the form of discounts and cheap packages, or off on certain combo options.
  2. Offers relaxing environment: A massage therapist will make sure that his clients get a calm and relaxing environment.
  3. Personal Touch: A therapist will do as much he can to win the heart of his clients. They will try to create a special bond between him and the client and the client will like to spread a word about him and his professional services in his friends circle.
  4. Well Knowledgeable: A massage therapist will be an expert in his field. He knows the A-B-C of the products, its side effects, if any on a particular skin type, or what therapy will suit which client, and be ready to advise him as and when required. He should be able to handle the problems wisely.
  5. Great hands at work: A therapist’s hand movement during facial, massage or any therapy should be perfect. The moves should be professional and he must be able to handle the sensitive areas carefully. While massaging, the spine and the back bone should not be stressed, if the client is tensed physically or mentally, they should be first made to relax.
  6. Great physical stamina: It is very important that a massage therapist should not get tired easily or may lose his patience if the client is too demanding. He should be able to handle the situations tactfully and at the same time, long hours of massage should be done with same enthusiasm as it should be.
  7. Customer satisfaction: A therapist should be ready to handle the queries of his client before the spa treatment and during the spa massage therapy too. At times, there will be clients who would like to know what products and brands are being used, how do they do each step, what techniques do they follow, etc just to find if his therapist is experienced and a knowledgeable person or not.