Remedial Massage

The word massage has its roots in Greek word ‘Massein’ meaning “to knead” or in the Arabic word ‘Mash’ meaning “to press”. Massage has many types and remedial massage is one of them and is very common massage type. It is a treatment which manipulates body muscles, tissues or tendons etc. It is considered to be an oldest form of physical medicine.

Session time of remedial massage depends on the area. Some clients want whole body massage whereas some want only specific areas for this treatment. In remedial massage several techniques are used to repair the damage and speeds up mechanism of body. A lubricated medium is used for this massage for example, oil. Some stretching movements are also used. Patient should be unclothed as oil or cream is used. Basically it is best for athletes but it is also beneficial for non-athletes. For instance many white collar job people who sits too long in their job have still shoulder, neck will do good to get a Remedial Massage regularly. Besides, for people who suffer from injuries caused by accidents like road accidents, falling down stairs, or water slide injuries, (especially elderly) it is very effective.

How Remedial Massage Works

Remedial massage is for the manipulation of the softness of tissues, ligaments, muscles or tendons. The most important tool in this therapy is therapist’s hands. By using hands a therapist treats the patient. She also detects his or her emotional problems. Remedial massage works in two ways:

  1. Mechanical Action
  2. Reflex Action

In mechanical action pressure and stretching movement is given to the body. This action loosens the joints and softens the tissues. On the other hand, when one part of the body affects another part then reflex action is taken. All body parts are connected to each other in different ways. Massage therapist massages the patient’s arms to treat his or her stomach. Similarly he massages their lower back in order to treat their legs.

Purpose of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is for healing injuries and pain caused by them. Clients consult remedial massage therapists for healing and relaxation purpose. If a person has muscular skeletal pain then this type of massage is best. It gives long term reduction and eliminates the causes. This massage can also be used for the preparation of body for different physical activities. It recovers the body from after-effects of sports or exercise. Healing treatment is provided in order to strengthen the muscles and tendons. This treatment can be deep or shallow, gentle or strong. It traces the discomfort and treats the whole body.

Remedial Massage or Relaxation Massage

These two are common types of massage and have some differences. Relaxation massage is best choice for those who have hard working week. The treatment consists of manipulation of muscles and flowing strokes. It is used to relax different superficial muscles. Remedial massage is best for those who have some injuries or pain in certain areas or parts. It separates layers of tissues that have adhered to each other due to injury.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is beneficial for us in many ways:

  • It stimulates the blood supply.
  • It removes toxins in the muscles.
  • It calms the peripheral nervous system through various techniques.
  • It tones muscles to improve joint mobility.
  • It repairs the tissues.