My Life as a Spa Massage Therapist!

I wonder I started a little late as a massage therapist and I really regret. I wish I could have started earlier. This is because of the passion I have in me as a therapist. I love counselling people about their skin problems, dealing with beauty tips, guiding them what facials suit them and what products will be idle for a particular skin type.

As a child I had always been interested in counselling people, giving them suggestions and solving their problems. Beauty is what attracts me.

When I started going to college, I used to give beauty tips to my friends especially those with oily skin or guide them what products will be best as cleansing agents. College girls used to face common issues like hair fall due to improper eating habits, pimples & acnes, dark circles especially during exams and I had always loved dealing with such things.

After my college, I had decided to pursue my career as a beauty counselor or even used to admire women running their spas. I started undergoing training as a massage therapist. Soon, I felt that I am good at hand movements, my pick up was good, my course trainer realized the talent in me
and she convinced me that I can be a good massage therapist but I would need to practice more.

The entire course is designed in such a way that a student can acquire many skills in therapy, in skin treatment, what machines and instruments will be used and how to use them, what products suit what skin type, about the Aromatherapy and how different oil ratios will help in therapy, what quantity of products should be used, the technique of using the products, and finally a practical hands on exposure for many things.

My love for my profession, as an aspiring massage therapist, grew deeper during the course of time. I was convinced and the academy also helped me in getting me placed in a reputed spa salon where my world totally changed. I realised whatever was taught to me at the academy developed a strong base in me as a massage therapist and when putting it into a real practice, it enhanced my skills further. Today, I have my own spa and I am a professionally trained spa massage therapist. My clients love me and they keep coming back to me.

My clients are a great asset for me, but most importantly the training I received from the academy and my teachers were my real driving force. I have state-of-the-art spa infrastructure and my clients are happy with the creativity in me in helping them deal with their complex skin problems.

I have a small team of massage therapists, beautician, dermatologist, and myself too. We work as a team and give a personal touch to our clients because we value their time, money and trust that they show in us.

My journey as an affordable and quality spa massage therapist in the city has now completed its 20 fruitful years. I feel happy when my clients give me a satisfactory smile.