International Diploma – CIBTAC

The spa industry is a multi-million industry, and is an area of tourism growth internationally.  In Singapore, every therapist has a internationally recognised diploma for working in any type, any size of massage establishment or day spas.

Health and wellness tourism has expanded rapidly in a short time and the challenge for day spas is to keep up with international standards. Many in Singapore have integrated some form of complementary therapies like chiropractor services within the spa.

The purpose of studying for a recognised diploma  is to give students the knowledge, skills and be knowledge  necessary to find a job easily in the tight Spa market in Singapore,  within the spa health and wellness tourism sector.

Types of International CIBTAC Diploma Certification

1) Cibtac Diploma in Body Massage

Cibtac Diploma in Body Massage (Express)

Cibtac Diploma in Body Massage (Express – Mandarin)

2) Cibtac Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

Cibtac Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (Express)

Cibtac Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (Express – Mandarin)

3) Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments (Option D)  (Express – English)

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments (Option D) (Express – Mandarin)

These are Professional Massage & Beautician Courses. The Diplomas are internationally recognised which opens your doors to jobs everywhere.

If you are an Aesthetician, or wish to become a professional Aesthetician, come and find out about our structured course which covers all about theory and practical skills on facial, products, equipment, massage, Makeup and Nail Treatment.

We offer fast track, highest passing rate, weekly lesson to help you obtain your Diploma. This course is once a week which allows you to work and graduate with a Diploma in less than 3 months.

Get Certified!  Join Protherapist Academy and let us help you to build your beautician skills, body and foot massage therapy skills.

Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

Understand the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. Cells, Digestive, Skeletal, Respiratory, Muscular, Excretory, Vascular, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Neurological & Accessory Organs.

Diploma in Body Massage

Master the art of healing the body with your hands with the massage course. You will learn to give a Swedish Massage with confidence.

Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments

Learn different skin types, conditions, skin care treatments, ingredients and product range, eye brow, electrical treatments, nail treatments and make up techniques.