Blood Circulation and Massage

Continual flow of blood from heart through arteries to parts of body is referred as blood circulation. To maintain the supply of oxygen, uninterrupted movement of blood is necessary. Flow of blood is necessary for good health. Fresh nutrients are delivered to your cells due to healthy blood circulation and these actions are necessary for cells.

Massage is considered to be an important element for having good blood flow and health as it affects the body as a whole. It increases oxygen capacity of blood. When you get a massage, due to physical manipulation of soft tissues your blood circulation is improved and you feel relax.

Circulatory system consists of two parts: Lymphatic system and the cardiovascular.Detoxification of body is often performed by these two body systems.Massage stimulates lymph vessels and blood flow to enhance circulation.Here we can take example of toothpaste tube. More toothpaste flows out of the tube when we apply pressure. Same is the case for blood circulation.Blood circulates when we apply pressure with the help of massage.

Massage Therapy Improves Circulation

Poor circulation can cause variety of discomforts including pooling of flood in the extremities, fatigue, cold feet and hands but good circulation brings oxygen rich blood for damaged tense muscles. Massage is considered to be a vital source of good blood circulation because it exerts pressure to help blood circulates.

Lactic acid is also flushed from the muscles and circulation of lymph fluid is improved. It improves all other body functions. Healthy blood circulation is considered to be an important benefit of massage therapy. Massage can be powerful if combined with regular exercise and balanced diet. Massage enhances blood flow, improves body functions and naturally lowers blood pressure.

How to Have Healthy Circulation

Many people face circulation problems and then they use conventional medicines or consult natural therapists in order to overcome these problems. One can also treat poor blood circulation by doing aerobic exercises. Healthy diet is also beneficial.


Diet is also necessary for good blood circulation as it plays a very vital role. You should increase the intake of Vitamin C by eating foods like chickpeas, beans, citrus fruits etc. Vitamin E is also beneficial which is found in garlic, olive oil or onions etc. You should avoid sugars and alcohols.


Exercise is very important thing for proper blood circulation. Experts prefer cardio based workout routines for this purpose as this increase lymphatic fluid and improve the immune system.

Benefits of Good Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is very important factor for healthy life as it has many benefits. Have a look:


It helps to crush fatigue and makes us energetic.


It helps to improve sleep.


Stress is reduced due to better blood circulation.


Healthy blood circulation is very necessary for strong bones.


Blood circulation is considered to be an important element for improvement of sex.