Benefits of Infant Baby Massage

Eases Wind and Colic Discomfort. Calms your Baby

Babies being massaged regularly also fuss less, cry less. This is a result of skin contact and this contact lowers levels of stress hormone cortisol.

Colicky babies may have bacteria in their gut which is imbalanced.

Try and do it 3-4 times a day and make sure your hands are warm. Try rubbing your palms together vigorously and keep eye contact during massage.

  1. Place hands on tummy and use palm to massage downwards the chest. Do it about 8 to 10 times very slowly.
  2. Pull up the pair of legs towards the chest. About 8-10times.
  3. Use your palms to massage tummy again. This time turn in clockwise directions. 8-10 times.
  4. Use walking movements and do some vibrations movements gently.
  5. Cross the feet gently and press gently towards chest again.

Promotes Better, Longer Sleep

Touch releases hormone melatonin, so babies tend to sleep better. Many mums find this massage routine at bedtime give babies a good night sleep throughout the night.

You could try to establish a bedtime routine with a warm bath and soothing massage which has proven to improve sleep.

A massage just before bedtime definitely gives the hormone oxtyocin which helps both you and the baby to be calm and to relax at night. It is a feel good touch before bedtime. Can you imagine establishing this sleeping pattern and how it will benefit the family in the long run?

At this night time massage (different from the day time, you coild calm your baby with quiet humming) or soothing tones and goodnight nursery rhymes so the baby hears it everyday and he or she will know it’s the bedtime again.

Alter this night time massage to be slightly different  from the rest of the day. Make it slower, with a different music CD, adjust the temperature ideal for sleeping, turn off the lights and work on slow, soothing strokes. Guaranteed to work wonders and your baby will sleep longer and very soundly throughout the night.

Improve Motor Skills

More benefits in terms of motor skills, brain development, and healthy joints and muscles are among the most obvious results.

Start massage and observe the rapid development in motor skills and improved muscle tone.

A course that covers Baby Massage and Baby Yoga will definitely improve balance through stretches,  enhance flexibility and helps in breathing.

Improves Digestion

Just to name a few, massage removes toxins and enhanced immunity system.

If you are concern about the weight gain, baby massage is effective to help baby gain weight.

First, lets look at digestion. Rub your palms and make sure its warm before putting onto the tummy. Next follow the massage in circle, very closely in clockwise direction (fanning towards the right and following the large intestine).

More Positive Effects

If you know what food means to you then  think this – Loving gentle touch is “food” that baby needs to feel loved and secured.

Either father or mothers, once they start to massage their babies regularly, they will enjoy this expressing of love, the interaction with the baby and learn how to respond to the babies through non verbal communication. When babies are very young, this massaging, playing, feeding and caring forms the holistic care and bonding that will make parenting easier.

Babies being massage has less stressed behaviour like mouthing and clenched fists.

Many mothers and caregivers have shared and agreed that regular baby massage generally has a positive impact and works wonders. Many sees  varying positive results. Most importantly, the bonding and relationship starts young and and continue the massage as the children grow.

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